Looking for 22 pianists (any level) to partake in forming a tribe! Doors open June 6-10, here is your chance to get in!

I am plotting a membership for pianists at any level to help them consistently enjoy and embrace their practice in order to accomplish better, faster, and best forward progress while maintaining the joy of playing and performing. It’s a support system for anyone who is self-taught or has a teacher but not quite enjoying the journey and chases the destination. This type of support is essential maintenance to achieve success through crazy useful and effective routines and catapult you as a musician for absolutely brilliant, mind-blowing results of your untapped potential. That’s my commitment!

What I envision is a membership revolving around students’ needs, content that is relevant, tailored, and customized, easy communication and accessibility, and a supportive community. Planning on UNPACKING A SONG + TRAINING (based on members’ needs and demands) + “HOT SEAT” in each session using our “Path to Success” tool as a measuring stick to customize our workflow for each member.



Each time, we will select a song by asking you what you want to learn how to play and then guide you through how to best approach it and what’s the easiest and fastest way to learn it.

This is important because if you like what you practice, you will do it more!


What areas should we look into and explain? Could be anything really - from stage fright to how to play hands together something specific to how are the keys related to the sheet music to what should I play first to how do I check on my posture. We refer to our tool “Path of Success” often to see which stage we are in. Why does this matter? Training needs are very individual-driven, that’s why the purpose of this membership is to be very custom and not pre-done.


I look forward to getting someone on a “hot seat” to coach them personally and help others learn from this as well in the process. We learn so much by observing others! 


As a founding member, you will get to help shape the membership. Together we will create something spectacular and it will be our happy place. First, we will ask basic things such as: how often should we meet; do we want the three elements (unpacking a song, training, and hot seat) in each session or distributed into different sessions; what would be a good domain name; what would be a good time and day to meet in zoom (we are in Pacific timezone however planning on various time options); what songs would you like to be guided through; what training would you like to dive into; what platform should we use for our community (Facebook groups, Instagram, discord, etc…).

This matters because Your convenience and outstanding experiences are my priority and commitment.

Imagine if you no longer feel overwhelmed, uninspired, confused, unsupported, fearful, and worried that you are not on the right path, giving up before you are done with a song, hopping from youtube video to youtube video, scotch taping all this knowledge together like a Frankenstein without a particular order…

Imagine if you only play songs that you like, progressing joyfully and feeling inspired, supported, celebrated, clear, at peace, finishing songs, jamming confidently with friends, being the heart of the party wherever there is a piano… Join our tribe!


I have always been an inspiration to my students. I have been a concert pianist and a piano teacher for over 26 years now and I STILL need acknowledgment, support, and accountability to work on my piano songs.  And it is not because of lack of discipline but more so in having someone to believe in me and care of my songs on a daily basis and to ask me how are they going and get inspired by me doing the work, motivating them to also get into the groove and believing it is possible for them, too… A strong support system, why is this so important? Staying inspired not only makes your practice fun but also gives you joy and fulfillment by creating momentum.


I have heard it all. Have a strict teacher finding problems in every measure? I have had those… As a matter of fact, one of my teachers used to poke under my wrists while playing with a sharpened pencil - so I could lift my wrists… 

Sometimes teachers give you boring pieces, just because, you know, they are “good for you”…

Why not also play stuff that you ACTUALLY like?

Sometimes I hear from my students that are moms about their teenage kids that want to quit. Is she/he bored? Not challenged enough? Not playing what’s “hip”? Missing an interactive community with like-minded individuals? A TRIBE?

I am always doing my best to fill these gaps for my students with consistent communication but there are so many hours in a day. I want to help an entire world of pianists by setting you up for success whether you have a teacher or you are self-taught!

People that don’t play don’t get it. They think that you are just doing your thing and don’t provide you with the necessary support.

I even had one boyfriend that used to say “you and your depressing piano”. That hurt! Made me self-conscious about the practice and its monotonous nature in the ears of others… that don’t get it… that don’t get us…

I see many online places with the same pattern of something missing… a community with support, a safe place where we learn BETTER TOGETHER.


And it got me thinking: “Why Don’t I Create a Space, a Tribe Where Pianists Find Joy Through Support and Inspiration?” Regardless of who is your teacher… or no teacher… A place where we find support and accountability, meant to complement existing training, a community, and tailored lessons.

Why does this matter? Oftentimes, with one on one training and a self-taught approach, one gets into frustration and stagnation points because of a lack of community and connection, support, accountability, and/or reward for the hard work and appreciation which give us joy in any particular hobby that requires continuous consistent practice to maintain skills and progress.


Can I share something personal with you? I love pianists becoming more confident and getting inspired to practice and experience joy through self-love and wins! It has been my passion for quite a while now. I have dabbled in a few different ways to help them on an ongoing basis, month after month. So I am planning on creating this membership site that does exactly that. I will be launching on June 6 2022 and I cannot wait to get started!

In fact, I want to learn everything I can to make this absolutely incredible, life-changing experience for my members, so I have decided to join a program that will help me do exactly that. It’s not cheap - in fact, it’s several thousand dollars - but that’s how strong my commitment is to helping pianists get it on so they can live more fulfilling lives. I know without a doubt that this program will help me serve them even better.

So, only for five days, if you are a pianist at any level, who wants to grow, evolve and be inspired and experience joy, I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey and become a founding member.

Join our tribe! Joining us at ground level will lock the price and when we do a future increase in the price, yours will stay the same.

There are two options to become a founding member - 1. monthly @ $22/mo and 2. a lifetime spot option. I am opening a limited number of lifetime spots in my membership for just $999. This means that you will get to be a member for the life of the membership without ever paying a membership fee like everyone else. This will help me offset some of the costs of the program I am joining, and you will get to play a big part in helping make it happen. 

But here is the catch. I am only offering this for five days, and I will never offer the lifetime option for this membership again, and all future members will have to pay on an ongoing basis.

I have set a date for opening the doors of June 6 through June 10, 2022. Also, when you become a founding member, you will get a one-on-one laser-focused session with me.

So, if you like to join me in this, send me a private message to [email protected] (specifying which option you prefer - monthly or lifetime) by June 10th and I will send you details on how to make your payment.

Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to have you as a founding member in this journey with me.