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It's a membership with group LIVE trainings and tutorials + support FB group + BONUSES *VIP version also includes: 🎹 Personal Review of Your Progress by Rositsa 🎹 Piano Artistry Training (Private Coaching One-on-One) 🎹 Custom Songs

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Learn How to Play the Piano & Read Music on YOUR Terms

Presenting The Piano Accelerator™! This is the newest product from Alexandrova School of Music.

The Piano Accelerator™ is adaptable and with you in mind. This is an implementation, easy to follow program that has an intensive condensed curriculum, including guided lessons, exercises, one-on-one consultations with the teacher and group sessions. Piano Accelerator™ is highly engaging and therefore is suitable for busy individuals, moms, baby sitters, music teachers, kids, brothers, aunts, the whole family, grandma, couples, actors, meditators... Anyone who likes to learn on their own schedule. Learn with a loved one OR/AND give the gift of music to someone special!

Rositsa Aleksandrova is with you every step of the way!

Hi there beautiful soul!! My name is Rositsa Aleksandrova and I am SO thrilled to have you stumble into the world of Alexandrova School of Music! I love what I do. I help musicians of all walks turn what they love into a dough.

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I love what I do! I am grateful every day!

Here are some dear beautiful souls!

The most awesome piano teacher ever!

Posted by Elizabeth Nowak on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Excellent teachers and well designed curriculum that keeps students fully engaged. I am amazed at how quickly my boys...

Posted by Prince Charles on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Very well organized! Best music school with the closest teacher-student interactions. School and students have...

Posted by Lacie Cupani on Thursday, July 19, 2018

We feel so lucky to have had Ms Rositsa as our son’s piano teacher for the last 9 years! � She and the other piano...

Posted by Kelly Ambrozic Richards on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Get the Sight Reading Ninja mini-course FREE!

This is a mini crash course for Sight Reading. So many people who want to learn how to play the piano or even took some lessons have asked me about .....sight reading. And I have seen so many make the mistake of writing the letter names all over their sheet music. And that’s just backwards. So I put together a mini course that would help folks who want to play or understand sight reading - like you - get a step by step process of how to sight read sheet music easily, fluently and logically so you can enjoy playing sooner with no ceiling...

Rositsa Aleksandrova's Radio Interview at USF

Relax! It's just music.

Samantha plays Elton John

Sam is an incredibly talented pianist and also one of our teachers, personally trained by Rositsa Aleksandrova


To say Sneha is a show stopper is an understatement! Every time she performed everywhere, she would always get standing ovations:) She is destined for a huge success in life!


He is ready for gigs! Talented and genuine guy, he started to teach last year and he is not even 18 yet! Time flies! Started lessons with Rositsa Aleksandrova when he was 7. He went through quite a few classical songs and niched in contemporary and pop. He is very talented and a pleasure to listen. You can tell in this video how he sits down and the room gets quiet!


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