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Benefits of Playing The Piano

Have you ever thought about the positive effects of playing the piano on your body? We all know that playing the piano will improve coordination and fine motor skills, but have you ever been aware of the link between playing the piano and the human growth hormone? Or the benefits to your intellect?

In our constant search for ways to improve our lives, we forget that it can be the things that we enjoy doing most which enrich us mentally and benefit our physical health. For instance, it has been scientifically proven that playing a musical instrument like Piano doesn’t only enhance your skills but also contributes to your health throughout your life.


1. Human growth hormone

Known as somatotropin, the human growth hormone is responsible for a range of functions including cell reproduction and regeneration. The hormone is essential for high-energy levels and cognitive functions such as memory. Luckily for the pianist, the act of playing the piano has been shown to increase...

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